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Lewis Hamilton Borders Book Signing at Oxford 26/11/07

I was working at borders for my work experience and i was lucky enough to be there for the lewis hamilton signing. I even got to stand with him in the inner circle giving out vouchers while he signed books. i felt very special lol

Here are some photos: 
Him signing his Book "My story" for fans that waited from like 1pm! even when the event started at 5 
One i took randomly. This was how close i was to him! 
Signing my poster, you can see my back lol 
Me and Lewis!

*ps if this isn't allowed please delete*
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i was very very very lucky and i hope you will one day too! ^^

Deleted comment

He was very very very nice! When he entered the "inner circle" i thought he was ganna enter from the front but he came in the back where i was and i had no idea so when i randomly turned round *boom* he was there and i just randomly went "hi" but then he was like "hi" cool as a cucumber and then i was like "wow he said hi to me!"

At the end of the signing someone told him i'm not getting paid for staying over time and he was like "whaaaat your not getting paid" and his face was hilarious lol

He was also very nice to the fans as well, some people commented on that as they walked out and he had nice conversations with them. He was patient as well as someone randomly proposed to him lol!

hope that's enough detail for you lol
i hope you get to meet him one day too!
You are VERY lucky and I'm VERY! jealous! lol. thank you :)
Lucky you!